Vor der MioThe stories behind Modus Mio

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In “Vor der Mio” we revisit the core places and moments that define the personality and success of the biggest Modus Mio artists today – figuratively and literally.

In each episode, journalist and host Salwa Houmsi travels with one of Germany’s most popular rappers back to a place that shows where they come from, that shaped who they are, and that represents their past before the “Mio”.

From a playground in Berlin-Neukölln via a disco in Mönchengladbach to the Maidan in Kiew – each episode tells a different story that defines what Modus Mio really means. The first season features Luciano, Eno, Juju, Olexesh, Summer Cem, Dardan, Fero47, and Veysel.

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