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The podcast Summer of 99 is a musical journey into the legendary summer of 99 when German hip hop experienced its first big hype. The Summer of 99 was the beginning of what is now the biggest youth movement in Germany.

Author and journalist Jan Wehn narrates the story of a time in a nostalgic and nerdy manner – featuring cheerful stories, in-depth interviews with the relevant figures of that time, insightful snippets of past lectures and other interesting time documents.

With contributions from Jan Delay, DJ Tomekk, Afrob, Mia., Trettmann, Curse, KitschKrieg, Brixx, DJ Friction (Freundeskreis), Falk Schacht, Fatoni, Nina MC, Visa Vie, Döll, Jan Mehlhose, DJ Ron, DJ Shusta, Götz Gottschalk and Ralf Kotthoff, each episode breaks down an important development of German rap: the first time German rap was in the charts, the first time ten thousand people came to a hip hop festival, the first time media and the music industry took an interest in German rap, and the influence that the summer of 99 still has on the new generation. This is the first narrated documentation of German hip hop history in an audio format.

Samy Deluxe. Credit: Mikael Väisänen

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