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A Spotify Original Podcast

Millions of people are fleeing the war in Ukraine ... and the European Union welcomes them with open arms. At the same time, at Europe's other borders, people are dying every day as they flee. How can this be? Together with reporter Franziska Grillmeier and her Team, journalist Sham Jaff tries to answer this question and many more.

  • 190220 – Ein Jahr nach Hanau

    Grimme Online Awards winner: In this six-part Spotify Original Podcast, journalist Sham Jaff and reporter Alena Jabarine look into the right-extremist terror attack on February 19th, 2020 that took the life of nine young people in Hanau, Germany.

  • Deso

    A rapper from Berlin-Kreuzberg leaves everything behind to go to Syria and fight for ISIS. How could this happen?